First Taste of Freedom

Sun Ribbon Arete

We’re almost packed and ready to hit the road. While it has been a bit hectic around here, we were pleased to have fit in one last adventure, Sun Ribbon Arete. I mentioned the climb in the last post because it was on the top of our tick list and I’m excited to say that it was everything that we wanted it to be. We’re a bit disappointed that we couldn’t squeeze in a few more routes before we left, but getting to the top of Temple Crag felt like a solid way to say goodbye to the Sierras for now. The route was absolutely stunning! It was nothing less than a true all day alpine adventure. We got a pre-dawn start and didn’t summit until sunset but we were proud to get in all 18 pitches before dark. The descent took awhile but we were well prepared and arrived back to camp late in the night. The next morning we awoke next to Second Lake with Temple Crag rising high above us, a marvelous site. We topped it off with a hike out of the back country and meeting up with Devyn’s family at Convict Lake for four relaxing days camping with family and friends!

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