Unfinished Business in the Sierras

Oh boy, do we have things to do.

We only have three weeks before we leave on our road trip and there are things to be climbed. While weather hasn’t been in our favor lately….at all, we still have a few goals we would like to accomplish before we leave the area. Between packing out the house and packing into the car, we want to keep training and stay in climbing shape before the trip. But most importantly, we want to leave the sweet Sierras with memories of EPIC ROCK CLIMBING.

So what are we going to do?

South Face- Charlotte Dome

We planned on doing this route with some friends a few weeks ago but had to back out in order to have our yard sale. TOUGH PRIORITIES. Now, after hearing the trip report from our friends, we want to go even more. Climbing jealousy…yes. The route is only 5.8/5.9 but its 12 pitches of solid granite! The crux is supposedly the hike, 9.5 miles….talk about climbing in solitude.

Red Dihedral- The Incredible Hulk

Because, any and every trad climber wants to do this beautiful line. And we should do it before we leave the area. Otherwise we will have some very unfinished business in the Sierras. This route is 12 pitches and goes at a fairly sustained 5.10.

Sun Ribbon Arete- Temple Crag

The moment we heard about the Tyrolean traverse, this climb became a must do. The weather hasn’t been on our side on any of our limited days off, but after this week we are both officially unemployed and this climb is ours! The route goes at 5.10a and is 22 pitches. This mission is the highest on our tick list and WILL happen before we leave. A trip report with pictures will be coming very soon. Just thinking about this one gives me the excitement chills.

 In a meantime, here is how we’ve been dodging some of the rain.



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