How to get blog followers…..wait, what?

The time is ticking and we are ever so close to being gone from our home, FOREVER. Besides planning my epic forever road trip to climb the classic peaks and most sought out destinations in the world….. I’ve been spending a large amount of time researching ways to make a successful blog. Never did I realize how much information is out there! There are literally TONS of blogs on blogging (I at one point had the thought that blogging is a conspiracy and there are only blogs about blogging and not actually content). Sometimes I feel so lost in the internet world of information that I get very frustrated. I often do not even know where to start and even though I have started, I read things that make me feel as if I haven’t. As I sort through various websites and blogs on how to make a successful blog, I have at least come across some valuable information. Here is some of the tips that I have come up with so far that I will be trying out soon.

First off, blogging takes time……lots of it.

I keep seeing this advice everywhere. Having a successful blog takes a lot of time. It is painful, time consuming, and will take lots of knowledge and marketing skills to have a blog that brings in any income. Well, lets just call it a relief that I know this tid bit of info now and not later. The stats show your odds of succeeding as very low compared to your chances of failing (about 83%). Good thing failing isn’t an option here.

Sell your soul.

There is lots of information on selling stuff on your blog from merchandise to your personality. Pretty much sell anything you can so that you can make some income. Some people sell e-books about themselves while other sell T-shirts that promote their blog. Whatever it is, I need some of it on my blog. So, today I called up a friend who is going to help me out by creating me some products that I can sell here. You will be able to purchase these items soon! Now, hopefully I don’t have to really sell my soul.

Reach out to beginners.

This should be easy, since I am a beginner. I’ll let you all know when I’ve moved into the expert stage. But really, the idea is to take difficult concepts or things that you may have extensive knowledge in and make it readable and interesting to beginners. You all, are the beginners wondering how to make a life out of traveling, climbing, adventuring, road tripping, and I am the one who’s living it out, to tell you how.

If you haven’t gotten the idea yet, I’ll simplify. I am taking the leap to live the traveling life by selling everything and moving into my vehicle. I am going to make a living by doing whatever I need to to sustain my lifestyle. I am going to travel to destinations with the intentions to climb. And I am doing this with my boyfriend and lovely dog.

If you had any advice on helping me to be successful or would like to discuss blogging further, please contact me!







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