The Simple Necessities of Living on the Road


Most Things Will Go….But:

We can’t keep much, we know that. But lets face it, there are going to be some exceptions to that rule. Some things, we just must have. We are giving up most material items in our current home. Some things haven’t been so easy to give up (clothes). As much as I struggle to give away my 10 year old shirts that I haven’t worn in 9 years, I just keep trying to remind myself that the experiences that will come soon are of much higher value. In these times of travel preparation, I’ve been slowly whittling a list of things that, well, I can’t part with.

devyn coffee


Many of us have it, a steady addiction to the ol’ cup o’ joe. I have no shame in admitting I do not go a day without coffee. Truth be told, I have a vivid memory of the last day I didn’t drink coffee. It wasn’t pretty….at all. So, as much as I’d like to swear it off and say I’m switching to green tea for this trip, it ain’t happening. What did I do instead? I went online and bought myself a pretty little coffee press for our Jetboil. It was under $15 on and arrived just last week. I’ve had my fair share of instant coffee while out on climbing trips but I decided those days are being left behind. I can see it now: waking up under the wide open sky, air thin and crispy, mountains in view, and a fresh pot of french press in my cup. Ah…my idea of happiness. What is one thing you couldn’t do without?


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