Focus: In order to travel freely, one must possess the minimum….

Simple living


When you plan on transitioning from a 3 bedroom house, to a 4 seater car, some things must go! We have less than a month to move out of our house and things need to get done. We have this little problem called procrastination with an urge to climb on top. The small amount of free time we have must be utilized wisely if we are going to hit the road on time. Since we are simplifying our minds and lives, we don’t have a need for most of anything in our home. We will keep only the necessities and the things that have meaning to us. We must focus on our goal of traveling to climb. Here is how we are going to maximize our situation.

Yard Sale

This is going to be the best way to get rid of things quickly. The hardest part will be learning to let go of the things that we think we need. The yard sale will allow us to remove several items from the house (which helps since we are trying to avoid a moving truck), but will also give us some extra cash. The key is to advertise in advance. We have already put an ad in the local classifieds and will also be making signs as the date nears.

Craigslist, or something like it

Utilizing free classified ads is a great way to sell items that you feel are too valuable to sell at a yard sale. While yard sales are outstanding to clear out some junk, services like Craigslist are great for more expensive items that you feel are worth a little more. Since we don’t have a Craigslist in our area, I’ve used the local equivalent to put up things that I would like to get a tid-bit more cash out of. For example, I once thought I wanted to learn to sew. Over a year later, I still have a brand-new, never been used, sewing machine that I want to sell for a little less than I bought it for. Yes, I know….I REALLY thought I was going to start sewing….


Consignment shops are great for selling clothing. If you’re lucky, you may even have a consignment shop that sells other items as well. We are lucky enough to have a local shop that sells a lot of sporting goods and gear. Since we climb, we have a lot of goods that the average everyday person may not find valuable, but if you sell it in an environment full of outdoorsy people, they will see the value! I took some old climbing clothes that never really fit me right and gave them to the consignment shop to sell. The biggest perk about this is that they give you more money if you use the money you earn to buy more things from the consignment shop. Its a good way to sell you’re old gear and purchase new! Since we are going on the road, I want to keep my wardrobe slimmed down to a few good quality items.

Hopefully with these few tools we will be able to let go of most of our belongings. The rest we will have to give away or put into storage (we have scored a free storage space for a few months). The key is to keep our goals in mind and to remember the art of simplicity.

Here is a list of a few things we will keep and that we bring with us:

  • Valuable electronics we use to communicate and work. Phones, laptops, cameras, etc…
  • Some clothing, mostly good quality clothing that will not need to be replaced often.
  • Sleeping bags/pad
  • Backpacks
  • Camping gear. Headlamps, Jetboil, some dishes, etc…
  • Climbing gear, there’s a lot….
  • Important and for leisure reading material

I’m still in the midst of coming up with more ideas to get rid of THINGS. Please feel free to share YOUR ideas with me.




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