What is the purpose of this blog? What does it mean to travel to climb?

Why did you start this blog?

Beyond always wanting to have a successful blog, I created this one in particular to share with others my path of traveling to climb.

What do you mean by “traveling to climb”?

Many of us dream of taking the time off to do what we love. I happen to love to travel and rock climb. I am combining the two. In order to reach the most desirable of climbing destinations you cannot do so unless you travel there.

Do you have a plan?

Yes and no. I have the plan to travel for a year at minimum. I have a vague list of places I want to climb. At this point there are so many places I have yet to visit that I do not feel the need to have a detailed list. Having a plan is good, but being flexible and having the freedom to go with the flow is better.

How will you afford this?

This is the good part. I do not 100% know right now. CRAZY, right? Not so much. That is one of the reasons I am starting this blog. I want to explore ways to bring in income as well as share with others my journey. We all want to be able to work while traveling so I’m taking to plunge to figure out how. If you think I’m nuts, be grateful that I am doing this for you so that you can learn from my mistakes. I’ve saved up some money, and hopefully it will be enough to take me to the next step. Hey, I’m open to ideas too.

But….I still don’t get it. WHY do you think this will work? What if you fail? Do you have a backup plan?

First of all, I do not see the point of having a plan B. I want to focus our energy on plan A, the plan that WILL workout. I know that it will workout because I refuse to have it any other way. Life is about being passionate about something. From passion comes a deeper meaning of life. I can have failures, but that does not mean the plan has failed.

Anything else important to know about this blog?

My boyfriend Devyn, the lovely pup Ivabell, and I are taking off on this amazing journey. It will be exciting and I think everyone can enjoy something from it. So please, enjoy!


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